Online advertising with Walgett District News.com appears alongside coverage of news, sport, travel, business, lifestyle and agriculture. Use these digital ad specifications to help you create a successful digital advertisement. This includes all standard and expandable ad formats along with delivery information and contact details. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Walgett District News.com at: info@walgettdistrictnews.com or ring Melanie on 0439 800
027 or Alana on 0419436360.

This publication carries online advertising only.

Display Advertising Sizes
All dimensions are in pixels
Pixel dimensions do not correspond with millimetres or other measures of length. Pixels are the individual squares of colour that make up an image.

Homepage Sidebar 250 x 250

Skyscraper 160 x 600 (40KB)

Half Page 300 x 600

Opinion Poll Sponsorship

Medium Rectangle Sidebar 250 x 250 – Premium display advertising that can be run of site or targeted to specific categories or features within Walgett District News.com This ad appears throughout the site on both landing pages and story pages. Above or Below the Fold is available.

Small Rectangle Sidebar 250 x 125 – Affordable display advert that can be run of site or targeted to specific categories or features within the Walgett District News.com site.

Sponsored Pages 468 x 60 (40KB) – Includes a sponsorship logo and relevant banner advertising for specific subsection and story pages.

Header 468 x 60 (40KB) – Premium placement as it receives a large amount of exposure to readers as they enter the site.

– We recommend that you have your ads designed by a web design professional or that you provide Walgett District News.com clear instructions for us to create your ad for you.

– All materials must be submitted at least 3 days in advance. If materials are late, advertiser/agency is still responsible for the media purchased.

– Please include a URL for your ad to link to. URL can be for a website, Top Level Link or Facebook Page.

– If supplied text does not meet specifications, Walgett District News.com reserves the right to edit.

– Unless otherwise specified, Walgett District News.com will include a redirect URL to track clicks on your ad.

– Ready to publish ads can be supplied as JPEG, GIF, PNG or SWF.

– All files should be in RGB (not CMYK)

– For Flash ads, an alternate image conforming to the designated GIF/JPEG specifications must be provided for use in the event that the user’s browser does not support the Flash Version used.

– Preferred format for supplied ads is a high quality PDF, with the correct pixel size, no crop marks, no bleed and no other printer’s marks.

– Walgett District News.com currently uses publisher, files compatible with this may be supplied but all linked graphics must all be supplied.

– Instructions for advertisement layout need to be clear and easily understood.

– Any requirements to keep a desired style must be made clear before we make up an ad. Proofs are sent for you to check for mistakes, not as an example in order for you to redesign the ad.

– Please note that colours may vary slightly on different browsers and devices.

– Our font selection is limited, if you want a specific font you may need to supply it.

– Please name photos in a logical way to avoid any confusion. Images to be scanned – please don’t draw on, cut out, blue tack, staple, sticky tape or otherwise distort any images that need to be scanned.

– Please supply large amounts of text in a suitable attached file, not in the body of an email.

– Please make sure any hand written copy is easy to read.

– Please make sure all details in the copy are correct.

General Terms & Conditions

– Creative Elements not meeting specifications will be returned for revision, which may delay the launch date.

– Walgett District News.com will make changes as needed to correct spelling, grammar and continuity.

– Walgett District News.com reserves the right to allocate the text
‘Advertisement: Click Here.’

– All ads are subject to review by Walgett District News.com prior to the start of the campaign.

– Walgett District News.com reserves the right to remove any advert deemed annoying or hurtful to our users at any time.

– Walgett District News.com reserves the right to refuse any ads or campaigns.

– Walgett District News.com cannot accept responsibility for the quality of reproduction or for errors in supplied material.

– Unless advertiser/agency instructs otherwise, Walgett District News.com will continue to run creative that is already on file for a campaign for each of the campaign’s placements. Of course advertiser/agency is always free to submit new creative or modify existing creative for upcoming placements at any time prior to the creative deadlines.

– Walgett District News.com is not liable for any condition beyond their control affecting production or delivery in any manner.